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St. Agrestis Amaro.

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Size: 750ml | ABV: 30%

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New York's First Amaro.

St. Agrestis Amaro was created in 2014 and has evolved into one of the leading American produced Amari.

Made differently than most, St. Agrestis Amaro contains twenty herbs, spices, flowers, roots, seeds and citrus that are individually macerated in cane distillate. Individual macerations allow us to taste and smell each herb as we extract so that we can hone in on perfect flavors and aromas, which are accomplished at different rates, depending on the botanical. Once all twenty tinctures are ready, they are blended together and aged in ex-bourbon barrels for sixteen weeks as a method to allow the flavors to integrate with each other while picking up hints of toasted vanilla from the oak.

St. Agrestis Amaro is intended to be spice driven, perfectly balanced amaro on its own, but has quite a bit of versatility in cocktails. Driven by cinnamon, clove and allspice at the forefront, St. Agrestis Amaro is marked by unparalleled freshness and intensity. As the spice subsides on the palate, it transitions into a cooling sensation from the spearmint and peppermint. On the finish, green savory notes compliment the nuanced sarsaparilla root – all in perfect harmony.

Served in countless New York and California MICHELIN Starred restaurants to being served as the drink of choice at neighborhood bars, St. Agrestis Amaro keeps it simple – just pour it in a glass and enjoy.

Customer Reviews

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I don’t usually drink alcohol straight, but this [****] . . . I put in one ice cube and sip this delicious bevy while I’m cooking - perfection!

justin orgel


Dylan Figlo
A Taste of Home

Since moving to Phoenix from Brooklyn, we longed for this delicious amaro we used to be able to pickup at the liquor store around the corner. The website has made it so easy to enjoy our ole’ faithful and St Agrestis’ new products from 2,000 miles away. Highly recommend keeping this stocked


Christmas in a glass, but more than playful enough for warmer seasons. I serve it slightly chilled, neat.

Alan Yedid

Lovely, clove forward and beautifully balanced amaro.

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