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Who We Are.

The St. Agrestis story starts well before our first bottle was produced.

As the sons of an Italian immigrant father and first-generation Italian-American mother from Brooklyn, brothers Louis & Matt Catizone’s lives have always been consumed by fine Italian food, beverage and family.

Growing up in North New Jersey, their school lunches didn’t have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off and a can of cola, but instead soppressatta on Nonnina’s freshly baked pane with a small bitter Italian soda. Their first sip of amaro was from the Sunday dinner table, well before the digestivo gained the popularity it has today and at least a decade before they were of age to do so.

It’s these influences that drove the brothers to team up alongside long-time friend and industry veteran Steven DeAngelo to create St. Agrestis in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

From being the first to produce Amaro in New York City to developing the globally renowned non-alcoholic Phony Negroni®, St. Agrestis is a celebration of traditional Italian drinking culture as innovative as Brooklyn.

What We Believe In.

We believe the only way to ensure the highest degree of quality is to create it. Brooklyn has always pushed the creative boundaries, and at St. Agrestis we're no different.

It all starts with ingredients. We’ve scoured the world in search of the best wild herbs, spices, roots, seeds and citruses, ensuring that we only refine the highest quality organic ingredients into each bottle.

Everything happens within the walls of our Greenpoint-based Brooklyn distillery – from product development, production and bottling to everything else in-between. The final result is perfectly balanced, delicious and flavorful products that reinvent the way you drink some of the world’s most iconic beverages.

Agrestis /aˈɡres.tis/

noun: of the land, fields; rural, rustic, wild
Adjective: uncouth, unrefined, wild
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