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St. Agrestis Non-Alcoholic Amaro Falso 12-pack.

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Size: 12x200ml

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The Amaro For When You're Not Amaro-ing.

Introducing the St. Agrestis Non-Alcoholic Amaro Falso, the follow-up to our award-winning Phony Negroni.

Created as the non-alcoholic counterpart to our beloved St. Agrestis Amaro, Amaro Falso is made using the same combination of all-natural citrus, botanical, and herbal ingredients found in our spiritous version, sans alcohol.

Ready-to-drink and individually portioned, Amaro Falso is similar to an Amaro Highball, driven by nuanced notes of herbal spice, mint and bitter complexity from gentian root. The result is a refreshing beverage that makes it an ideal cocktail that fans of Italian aperitivi and digestivi expect.

Lastly, carbonation and nitrogen have been added to help mimic the bite and mouth feel that alcohol typically provides. Enjoy chilled straight from the bottle or over ice with an orange twist.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Not quite as sublime as the Phony Negroni, but still great

I'm one of those guys who loves bitter drinks. The bitterer the betterer. This really tastes like an amaro - kudos to the masterminds at St Agrestis! - although the carbonation makes it a little bit cola-like. I have enjoyed the Amaro Falso on its own, over ice, with a lemon twist, but I usually like to add something to beef it up: Angostura bitters (or the n/a equivalent), and sometimes a generous splash of something like the Pathfinder Hemp & Root n/a spirit. That said, aside from the Phony Negroni (St Agrestis' masterpiece!) nothing else I've had comes close to tasting like an actual amaro-based cocktail like this does. One suggestion: please offer this in cans, like you do for the Phony Negroni. It would make it easier to ship (or to take on a road trip or to a dinner party). Thanks!

Weekday evening go-to

An always-welcome break from the real thing, which frankly ain't getting any easier to deal with the next morning! This and the phony negroni are never too far out of reach (in between pours of the real thing, of course)

Maura Wollner
Love, Love, Love

Amaro Falso is the absolute best!
I like the Phony Negroni but love the Amaro Falso it makes dry January easy to achieve.

Emma Chubb
Great NA option

I’ve been enjoying this neat and chilled as well as over ice. It’s not quite as bitter as I thought from the reviews but still a really great alternative for the amaro fans out there who want something non-alcoholic. Label design and bottle shape are fun and I like that they don’t make me feel like I’m drinking a soda. Also a fan of the phony negroni. Shipping was super fast.

Rita Hyde

This is another winner added to the St Agrestis line up! I now have two favorite drinks to choose from as the Phony Negroni has been my go to. I love the bite and complexity of this drink. I serve it over a rock and sip on it to enjoy every last drop. Thanks too to your shipping department for upping the packaging! THANK YOU team for giving us another NA option. Keep them coming!

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Dry January Just Got An Upgrade!

Join the fun this Dry January with our all-new Non-Alcoholic Amaro Falso & award-winning Phony Negroni!

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