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Batch 001: St. Agrestis Cherry Ratafia was originally conceptualized during the R&D process of our Amaro Soaked Cherries. We sought out to create a spirit using rare cherries that impart their sour notes on our St. Agrestis Amaro. This was achieved by doing a whole fruit extraction with the stone over several months, creating beautiful marzipan notes. The final product a balance between bitter, sour, spice and sweetness.

Batch 002: St. Agrestis Amaro Per Sempre is inspired by Producer Louis Catizone and wife Beth's first evening meeting, as well as the celebratory Mexican tradition of families distilling mezcal for weddings. After drinking Sotol together that night, they sought out a used cask to hold a special amaro to create and share for their wedding. After extracting flavors inspired in part by some of their favorite culinary experiences around the world, including Mexico and other places they've traveled to, these unique extractions were blended and then aged together in the sotol cask for one year. The final result is a flavor profile that is inimitable, with savory Mexican herbs, citrus-forward notes, nuanced florals, and delicate spiciness.

  • Batch 001: St. Agrestis Cherry Ratafia | Size: 750ml | ABV: 24%
  • Batch 002: St. Agrestis Amaro Per Sempre | Size: 750ml | ABV: 25%
  • Batch 003: Coming Winter 2022

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About the Sinners + Saints Society.

Starting in spring 2022 with the first of four launches yearly, we will be releasing a very limited number of special release spirits that will be exclusively available online to Society members.

Spirit releases are comprised of concepts that never made it into the world, either due to their difficult production, expensive and hard to source botanicals, or niche nature. Each will be produced on an incredibly small scale, with no more than 1,000 bottles per release.

Details on upcoming releases will be made available just before each launch, with membership fees being charged just prior to shipping each quarter.

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